Performing Arts

Music, mime, dance and drama have played an important role in the outreach ministries of YWAM Edmonton: DTS outreaches, King's Kids teams and touring performance groups.  YWAM musicians have also been very involved in leading worship in "Glimpse of Glory', Missionsfest, "Friends of YWAM" meetings and serving in local churches.

Currently, Gary and Cheryl Krueger (YWAM Associates) are overseeing the performing arts ministries. At this time there are no on-going performing arts groups; teams are formed for specific tours or outreaches. The most recent team went to the Olympics Outreach in Athens, Greece, performing the "Kingdom of Self" street production.

The "Kingdom of Self" is a 30-minute high-energy street drama incorporating mime, hip-hop and break-dancing, colorful costumes/ props and a up-tempo musical soundtrack.  The narration is available in English, French, Greek and Hungarian. First performed at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, it has been performed in 14 countries in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The "Legend of Howul" is a 3-part allegorical story for young audiences incorporating music, mime, drama, dance, puppets, colorful costumes/set. Part 1 of the story has been performed by several DTS outreach groups in Mexico in the Spanish language, The English version (Parts 1 to 3) have been performed throughout Alberta summer camps and in Edmonton communities.


"Punchinello and the Wemmicks" is a 15-minute drama based on Max Lucado's children's story "You Are Special". The drama is mimed and has a music soundtrack and colorful costumes. The English narration can be translated "live" into other languages. This drama was first performed in Hungary and Macedonia in 2004.

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